Light weight slim profile edge lit or back-lit light panels fitted with a range of attractive but robust aluminum front loading snap frames that deliver images & messages much more effectively through illumination.

  • ES Series – Standard thin profile edge-lit panel with a front loading snap frame that’s strong enough to mount on most hard surfaces.
  • LT Series – An edge-lit panel with a robust snap frame for ease of changing graphics that’s ideal for both indoor & outdoor signage applications.
  • HB Series – A back-lit LED panel made for maximum brightness level & for images that require an illuminated area of larger than 4’ x 10’.
  • XT Series – The extra thin profile (3/8” thick) & ultra light weight edge-lit panel with aluminum front loading snap frame is the best choice for retail poster or POP display.

Highly versatile & fully customizable frameless light guide panel that can be shaped & sized differently for various interior design & architectural lighting applications.

  • LGP – The perfect means of illumination for wall backsplash, counter tops & any architectural or interior lighting applications.

A high output flexible LED light strip that’s ideal for DIY lighting jobs that can be cut to the exact length required with easy to install pre-attached 3M mounting tape.

  • LED Flexible 1312 – The highly flexible & easy to hide LED strip that allows you to point light in a specific direction.
  • LED Flexible 2332 – Most commonly used flexible LED strip light that’s highly versatile to apply for many different LED light requirements.
  • LED Flexible 2332-CT – It offers a unique combination of 2 different LED colour temperature from the same LED strip allowing the use of a large chromaticity range while reducing LED unit costs & delivering consistent colour point results.
  • LED Flexible 3932 – The brighter version of the most commonly used flexible LED strip. Again, it’s highly versatile to meet every light application.
  • LED Flexible 3255 – Ideal for interior & edge lighting for signage that requires a substantially bright lighting effect.
  • LED Flexible 3355 – The brightest of all the flexible LED strips in the market. It’s brilliance allows it to use for outdoor display light panels even in direct sunlight.

This ultra compact strip of LED lights features a very high & even light output using an integrated connecting system for illuminating furniture, cabinets & display fixtures, etc.

  • Linear Light Type A – This ultra compact LED strip is designed for illuminating furniture, cabinets and display fixtures.
  • Linear Light Type C – Similar to Type A but comes with a sturdy & light weight aluminum casing with Plexiglas housing.
  • Linear Light Type E – A more economical version of Type C with a slightly narrower aluminum casing & thinner Plexiglas housing but has all the benefits & features of Type C.

Bandis Vision’s epoxy resin or acrylic face channel letters combine uniform colour temperature & brightness with aesthetically attractive finish & solid feel. Available in various illumination effects & colours.